Sometimes life just gets a little hectic and we forget to do things like writing blog posts! In the last few months we've had a lot of things going on, went through some new transitions & we moved into a new place! With wedding season back in full force we are working our way back into catching up on some things that we let slack a little bit! Writing this post has been on our mind for months, so it feels great to get this out there!

Now getting on to the important part... Cameron & Lauren! Their wedding at Nestldown in the Santa Cruz mountains of Los Gatos truly felt like a fairytale! The setting at Nestldown was so dreamy and beautiful with it's towering redwoods, lush greenery and it's gorgeous lodge. It was a perfect fall day from start to finish. From C & L's first look in the persimmon orchard, with the most stunning fall colors, to their ceremony in the lush garden setting in front of the most lovely pond. Everything was so, so gorgeous! Cameron and Lauren wrote & shared their own sweet vows, celebrated with dinner under the stars, danced inside the cozy lodge and made a grand exit in Nestldown's vintage taxi! It was a day to remember for sure! Check out the video below to see everything yourself! ;)


Nestldown, Los Gatos CA - (Nestldown)


Kelsea Holder - (Kelsea Holder)


Diana @ Nestldown - (Nestldown)


Laurie Chestnut Florals - (Laurie Chestnutt Florals)


BIG FUN Disc Jockeys - (Big Fun DJ)


All My Love - Imaginary Future (Musicbed)

Never See The End (Instrumental) - Amanda Cook (Musicbed)