Paul & Lizzie's wedding day was soooo beautiful from start to finish! They are seriously a firecracker couple, who are SO sweet & genuine & lovely and it was a TOTAL honor to be apart of their wedding! Seriously one of Lizzie's nicknames for Paul is "Pumped up Paul" 

It was our first time working at Cornerstone, so we were in for quite a treat working at such an awesome venue, with such an awesome team & fun couple! We began with Lizzie & her girls in the cottage at Cornerstone, where they were getting dolled up. This was the perfect spot for the girls to get ready, because it had so much lovely natural light, it made everything look perfect! You could really get a sense of how excited all the girls were for Lizzie to be tying the knot, because the mood throughout the cottage was so joyful. We also loved seeing Lizzie so peaceful and excited as well, there's nothing better than a glowing & excited bride! We really felt lucky to get to be apart of such a beautiful and special occasion. Paul & the groomsmen were also a blast at the onsite at the Prohibition Spirits Distillery & the Rustic Barn where they hung out and got ready before the ceremony. 

The ceremony took place at the lovely Vineyard Lawn at cornerstone, which was a very picturesque setting, with vineyards on one side & a reflecting pond behind them. The vows that Paul & Lizzie shared with one another were so genuine and sweet, we may, or may not have teared up as we were filming and then again later as we were editing their highlight. :) Following their ceremony the festivities continued in the tent & the barn for cocktail hour & the reception. We were blown away by all the different beautiful locations & gardens to film at throughout the venue. It's truly a unique place! 

We loved getting to learn so much more of P&L's story and getting to be apart of capturing the memories of their wedding day! We are sooo happy for these two and excited for their new lives together as husband and wife! Congrats Paul & Lizzie!

ENJOY their highlight below :)


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