When approached by a sweet and adorable family to capture a day trip to their favorite beaches, the answer is always....-->> YES!! <<--We were delighted to have the opportunity to tag along with the Glover family on part of their trip to Half Moon Bay. Our goal was to try and encapsulate the kids just as they are now, since everybody knows, --kids grow up TOO fast

A little bit about the day...

The afternoon started in the dense Cypress Grove at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, where they played hide & seek as a family and wandered through the trees. It was a blast to watch & try to capture the kids as they were exploring and running around! Afterwards, we made our way to San Gregorio Beach, for some fun in the sand near the driftwood huts that reside along the beach! Once the sun was getting low, we made our way to the nearby Pomponio Beach for bird chasing & a gorgeous sunset! They were such a joy to be around and we loved watching them interact as a family. They are seriously SO. SWEET.