One thing about weddings that gets a lot of heat is how many cliches there are.. And in some ways, there really are. So many people get married every single day that it's inevitable that some weddings will be very similar to other weddings. We obviously attend a lot of weddings, so we see them all, but one thing that never fails to impress us is how unique couples are. Every couple that we film is truly so unique, has a very distinct story, and their wedding reflects that. 

Enter Joey & Juvy! We loved getting to spend their wedding day with them, and there wasn't a moment throughout the entire day that either one of them was anything but ecstatic. We loved hearing the bits of conversation they were both having while getting ready about their upcoming ceremony, and Juvy wasn't the only one in tears during their ceremony! 

J & J had an epic grand entrance into the reception, a super fun and creative first dance, and everybody had a blast (us included). We are thrilled for them and hope their video reminds them what a party they had! Check out their highlight video below :)


Canyon View - San Ramon, CA (


Reach - Roary (Licensed through Musicbed)