The wedding of Levi & Elisha was one that we were looking forward to for quite a while. When they first inquired and we got to meet them at Peet's to talk about their big day, it was clear that God was going to do some cool things through their marriage.

L & E got married at Saratoga Springs, nestled in the shady redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains in Saratoga, California. We loved getting to spend the day with the couple and learn more of the subtleties of who they are. One thing that's so clear about Levi (and something that kept getting brought up by friends and family) is how incredibly humble he is. He is soft-spoken and not the most expressive of guys, but his love and devotion to Elisha shined throughout the day. Elisha on the other hand is a firecracker, and her excitement was totally infectious.

We weren't totally sure what to expect from the venue, but we were very pleasantly surprised with it all. Everything about the day was beautiful, and we're excited to release their wedding video. Enjoy!