2 YEARS OF MARRIAGE // 04.27.16

Today (when we wrote this) is a huge day for us! Pati and I have been married for TWO whole years today ?! In some ways that seems like so long, and in most ways it feels like we were at our wedding and blinked, and now here we are! We got to go to so many of our favorite places today, and made a quick video to share the day with you. (Brief sidenote: This whole video was filmed with the DJI OSMO with the X3 camera from our Inspire.. And it is AWESOME! What an amazing piece of equipment in such a small package. Our Ronin will still be our weapon of choice for weddings, but this little guy packs so much production value into the size of a water bottle. V+C Review: IT ROCKS).

With a wave of weddings approaching quickly, it was a very needed day for us to just get out and be together. It was so fun spending the day reminiscing on the last two years of marriage, and being reminded of why we love doing what we do. We truly believe that existing in marriage is just better than not! If you watch the video below, you'll see us having a wonderful time and doing the cute things husbands + wives do... Numerous coffee dates, going to the zoo, causing trouble in San Francisco, an AWESOME dinner date, and stellar sunset.. But what you won't see is the hard stuff. What you won't see is the fight we had when we got home over something totally stupid (my fault). I am humbly reminded by moments like these that marriage is not for the weak-hearted. It takes serious hard work and humility, and doesn't always consist of fun days at the zoo and beautiful sunsets.. But when two people come together who are truly willing to do the hard work and be humble for each other's benefit? It is absolutely worth it, a thousand times over. Some of the moments where I've felt like I've worked the hardest in my life have been in my marriage, and yet I still could not get more joy out of filming couples in love and entering that covenant together, because I know that it is worth it. I love my wife more than anything, and I wouldn't give her or the last two years up for the world. The hard times make me a better husband and help me understand how to love her better. So it's all good. If you're newlyweds like us, NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! #realtalk

 All that to say.. BEST ANNIVERSARY EVER. Check out the vid :)

- Shawn