This is the highlight edit from a wedding we shot at the end of last year. Andrew & Kayla's wedding was a fun day filled with beautiful locations. While there were many high points of the day, our one takeaway is this; A & K's family and friends know how to DANCE. We had such a blast with the crowd at their reception, and frequently use their wedding as the bar to measure against when at other receptions. Their wedding led to many opportunities for us and definitely contributed to the growth we are seeing now, which we are so grateful for!

Andrew & Kayla's wedding was actually only the second one we'd shot after we made the switch to Sony! Since then we have come to love the camera's immensely, and are thrilled with how they perform in a live-event setting. 


Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa - Lafayette, CA
The Clubhouse @ Boundary Oak Golf Course - Walnut Creek, CA


Videography - Vow + Covenant Wedding Films (

Photography - Nicole Blumberg Photography (

Floral & Event Design and Wedding Planning - Jelena Crone (Bridevine and Branches,

DJ - DeeJay Pros (


Aaron Krause - Honey, Fire
Tim Halperin - Dance