Mark & Julia's wedding was at Boundary Oak in Walnut Creek back in June. We filmed one of our first few wedding's at this venue, so it is always fun to go back & to work there with the staff & their fantastic coordinator Katie. We really enjoy working there, not to mention how gorgeous the massive Oak tree is where we get to do portraits with the couples?!?!? Unreal! 

One thing that's clear after spending their wedding day with them is that Mark & Julia are super quirky, and super in love with each other. All day their joy was infectious, and we truly had so much fun filming the beginning of their life together. M&J also love traveling & trying good food and enjoying it together! They had lots of fun details at their wedding, but one of our favorites was each table name at their reception was named after their favorite restaurants that they've dined at in their travels together. Each one included a short snippet about the restaurant and their experience there! How fun is that?!

We're really happy with how M&J's highlight film really expresses their feelings on their wedding day. They were so sweet and I feel like I could sit here and gush about them (which I basically do about every couple we get to film!) 


Renaissance ClubSport Hotel - Walnut Creek, CA

The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak Golf Course - Walnut Creek, CA


Videography - Vow + Covenant Films (

Photography - Rachel Capil Photography (


Jade - Aaron Krause (Licensed through Musicbed)
Ahead - Stephen Keech (Licensed through Soundstripe)